Web Chat

A powerful

Chat on your website

Every our user have unique one line html code you include into your web site. You just put the code and you can start online chat support on your web. It's easy to customise and easy to use for your visitors.


Direct Chat URL

Every our users have unique url where everyone can chat with them. You can include the url in your email or in your profile everywhere so everyone can chat with you directly opening the URL.


All major

Messenger Support

The web chat is not the only the way to contact you. Your customer can contact you by their favorite messenger. As the result the engagement is much stronger than normal web chat.

Automatic Conversation

Bot Integration

You can use a various type of bot service to make your life easier. Do you see bots can't handle conversation ? No problem you can take over conversation from bot.


All major

Team Chat

No need to use other messenger to chat with other agents. Come.Cat provides powerful teamchat feuture so you can ask, chat, help other users on our platform.



When you find someone another in your team who can help your customer better, you just can tranfser the conversation. Your customer can see the agent is changed and thus you can increase customer satisfaction.



Sometime chat is not enough to collaborate with your teams. Come.Cat provides, notes, todos, favorites and search entire chat feature for better team work.

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